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Poem, Prose, or Letter

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Why A Poem Store?

The world is full of juicy inspiration, but the lives of the people all around us hold the stories we connect with, cry over, and rejoice for. Which is why running a Poem Store is a great joy.

What Should I Request?

Whether you simply want to see what magic typing hands can create for you or there's an occasion coming up and you'd like to send a beautiful letter, I am honored to be the writer you come to. There is nothing off limits here. You can keep it simple, giving me a single word or phrase to work with (ex. jellybeans, love, kittens taking baths, etc.). You can also write me a paragraph of information or tell me a story. If you want me to write a letter, tell me about who I'm writing it to. There are no limits. 

How Will I Receive It?

When you add a Personal Poem, Prose, or Letter to your cart, a form will pop up asking you all the questions I need to know to start writing. Once you place an order, give me one week to deliver (dependent upon the volume of requests) and the piece written for you will be sent to your email inbox.  

How Long Will My Poem, Prose, or Letter Be?

Anywhere from 1-3 pages, with room for inspiration to take over and decide for itself. Need more? Get in contact to hire me for broader professional writing services.

Are There Returns?

Since I'm writing something personally for you, there are no returns. Thanks for understanding.

More Questions?

Visit my Contact page.